Dashboard of JTL-Wawi – An introduction

    Aktueller Stand: JTL-Wawi Version 1.5.19

    The dashboard consists of individual elements, so-called widgets. The widgets can be set and arranged individually as required.

    A: Moving a widget

    Hover over the title text of a widget with the mouse cursor. As soon as the crosshair appears, the widget can be moved while holding down the left mouse button.

    When the widget is moved, a position cross appears. Now drag the widget to the desired position by using the mouse to place the widget on one of the position fields (top, bottom, right, left or centre).

    The widget will now appear in the desired position.

    By moving the mouse to the edge of the widget and holding down the left mouse button, you can adjust the size of the widget both vertically and horizontally.

    B: Help/Information

    If you double-click on the question mark, a page of the JTL-Guide opens in your browser. Here you can find more information about the dashboard.

    C: Selecting a colour scheme

    Using the button with the fanned cards, you can assign a different colour scheme to the dashboard.

    You can choose between different colour schemes. To do this, click on the desired colour scheme and it is applied immediately.

    D: Creating new widgets

    Click the grey plus in the corner below the menu bar to add new widgets to the dashboard.

    A menu opens, which is divided into several main categories, in which the individual widgets are located.

    You open the submenu items by clicking the corresponding menu item. Each of the submenu items is a widget that can be accessed by double-clicking. It is added to the dashboard automatically. This allows you to add any number of widgets to the dashboard.

    Apply settings

    Using the menu item Colour scheme > Apply dashboard, you can apply the current dashboard from one workstation to another workstation at any time.

    If you start the dashboard from another workstation, you can then call up or apply your dashboard settings from any workstation.

    Under Apply dashboard you will find all saved dashboard settings. Here you select your dashboard settings.

    Confirm by clicking Yes. The dashboard settings will now be applied.

    E: Settings widget

    Click on the gear icon to open the settings menu of the respective widget. Each widget has its own setting options.

    In the Layout menu, you can adjust the appearance of the widget by changing the font size and bar width.

    Under the menu item Advanced there are further settings, which can vary greatly depending on the widget.

    By clicking X, you can remove the widget from the dashboard.

    The gear and the X do not appear until you hover over the title of the widget with the mouse cursor.


    You can also manage the rights for the dashboard under Admin > Users/Rights > Rights.

    Here you can adjust the settings and, for example, determine which data should be visible to which users.

    The dashboard settings are individually linked to the user. Each user can set up an individual dashboard. In this way, the dashboard can also be set up adequately for each additional workstation.