Assigning suppliers to an item

    Your task/initial situation

    You want to save a supplier and their delivery conditions for an item that you manage in JTL-Wawi.

    Saving suppliers

    1. Click on the Items icon to go to item management in JTL-Wawi.
    2. Navigate via the category structure to the item to which you want to assign a supplier and open the Item master data by double-clicking.
    3. Switch to the Suppliers tab. If you have already created suppliers, you will see a list of all suppliers who can deliver the item.
    4. In the Supplier drop-down menu, select the desired supplier.
    5. Click Add as supplier. The supplier is added to the list.
    1. At the bottom of the dialogue box, you can manage all data provided to you by the supplier. Among other things, Item name, SKU, Net PP and VAT in %. You can also add a Comment.

    You have now assigned a supplier with the data available to you to the selected item.

    Managing supplier stocks

    In JTL-Wawi, you have the option of managing the supplier’s stock of an item. You can add this stock to your own stock.

    1. Double-click on the desired cell in the Stock level column in the supplier overview. You can now enter a value.
    2. Activate the check box Add to own stock.
    Attention! The supplier’s stock is now added to the available stock of the item. Please make sure that you can access this stock if the item is ordered by your customers.

    You have now managed your supplier’s stock and may have added it to your own stock.

    Saving packaging units

    If your supplier sells items in larger units, which you then sell individually, you can enter information about the packaging units in the item master data.

    1. Select the desired supplier from the overview and enter the name of the Packaging unit in the Properties of the PU area, for example Cardboard.
    2. In the Quantity per PU field, specify how many items are contained in one packaging unit.
    3. Based on the information in the item master data, the field Net PP per PU is automatically filled in. However, you can also enter the net purchase price of the packaging unit manually in this field.
    Please note: After you have entered the information, you can only order packaging units of the item when placing purchase orders.

    You have now entered the information on the packaging units of your supplier.

    Permissible order quantity and minimum purchase quantity

    If your supplier sets specific purchase quantities, you can store this information in the item master data.

    1. Select the desired supplier from the overview and enter the minimum quantity that must be purchased per order in the Minimum purchase quantity field. If you work with packaging units, this quantity still refers to a single unit of the item. The packaging unit is calculated automatically next to the field.
    2. In the field Permissible order quantity, specify which intervals are possible when ordering.
    Example: You have specified a minimum purchase quantity of 15 and a permissible order quantity of 15. This means that you must order at least 15 units and can then order 15 additional units, i.e. a total of 30, 45, 60, etc.

    You have now stored the specifications of your supplier for certain purchase quantities.

    Scale prices

    If your supplier offers scale prices for an item, you can store this information in the item master data.

    1. Select the desired supplier from the overview and click Create.
    2. Double-click in the From quantity and Scale prices columns to enter the details of the scale price.
    3. Repeat these steps for each additional scale price.

    You have now entered the information on the scale prices of your supplier.